ALKALYT-U Granules

ALKALYT-U is an alkaline citrate, urolithiasis agent used for dissolving uric acid stones & for metaphylaxis (preventing renewed formation) of calcium and uric acid stones or mixed stones made of calcium oxalate / uric acid or calcium oxalate / calcium phosphate.

USP : Powder that dissolves & prevents formation of stones.

Packing : 280 mg granules in HDPE bottle.

Each 100 g of the granules contains :
Active Ingredient :

  • Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate (6:6:3:5) 97.1 g
  • 1 measuring spoon (approximately 2.5 g of the granules) contains Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate (6:6:3:5) 2427.7 mg and is equivalent to 11 mEq potassium.
  • 11 mEq sodium
  • 27 mEq citrate

Other Ingredients :

  • Oil of lemon, yellow orange S (E 110)
  • 1 g Uralyt-U contains 0.172 g or 4.4 mmol potassium
  • 1.0 g Uralyt-U contains 0.1 g or 4.4 mmol sodium, equivalent to 0.26 g sodiumchloride

Active ingredient : potassium sodium hydrogen citrate (6:6:3:5)

For the reconstitution and prevention of recurrence of urate stones :
Take 4 scoops (10 g granules) a day, divided into 3 doses after meals: Drink 1 scoop each morning, one at noon and 2 every night after eating. The pH of fresh urine should be in the range between 6.2 – 6.8.
If the pH is lower, the daily dose should be increased with a half-scoop night. If the pH is above the recommended limit, the daily dose should be reduced by half scoop evening.

To prevent recurrence of calcium stones :
The daily dose should be 2-3 scoops (5 – 7.5 g granules) to be taken once in the evening. If the pH is too low to be taken 3-4.5 scoops (7.5 -11.25 g granules), divided into 2-3 doses during the day, after meals. You should aim to urinary pH 7.0. pH should not fall below 6.2 and rises above 7.4.
The levels pH of the urine should be regularly checked and according to specify individual dosage.

ALKALYT-U must not be used in acute or chronic renal failure following low sodium diet, if you suffer from metabolic alkalosis or chronic urinary tract infections or one is hypersensitive to any of its ingredients.