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Happy Mummy, healthy baby!

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Postpartum depression is a consequential condition for women after childbirth. Although its etiology is unclear, the main reasons could be drastic hormonal change and sleep deprivation.

Apart from postpartum depression, persistent crying has been associated with a risk factor for postpartum depression. Chronic stress and sleep deprivation caused by inconsolable crying typically drains parental resources and can cause or exacerbate postpartum depression, anxiety, anger, and guilt.

Mothers exhibiting significant depressive symptomatology is due to the persistent crying of their baby. Mothers with colicky babies have higher frustration and anger issues. A disturbed emotional state along with aggressive thoughts is perceived in mothers with colicky babies during colic episodes.

A mother’s self-perception of being judged by others, unwanted or unhelpful advice, and continual efforts to soothe a crying baby result in exhaustion and frustration, gradually leading to isolation. Sometimes, mothers blame themselves for the baby crying and also limit their social interactions.

Mothers with a severely or moderately crying baby are less flexible, have decreased ability to cope with daily activities, and show less energy and vitality.

All these consequences of baby colic result in decreased quality of life in mothers due to its negative effect on both mental and physical health


Brittany Willow says, ‘You don’t have to suffer alone in silence or feel ashamed. Your baby needs a healthy you during a time when you are overwhelmed the most.’

Postpartum depression due to colic can be overcome by seeking help from a spouse or equally dividing the baby’s duties. Mothers can ask for bits of assist even from their family members and friends to get better from depression.

Sometimes, baby colic is nerve-breaking and arises from nowhere. The beginning of baby colic is due to gastrointestinal issues as the baby has a developing digestive system. Therefore, a natural digestive tonic for babies would help develop an immature digestive system for soothing indigestion problems.


TODGEST is a natural digestive tonic scientifically designed to treat common digestive problem in babies. The ayurvedic herbs present in TODGEST help treat baby colic, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, bloating, and other digestive problems. It also aids in relieving stomach pain caused by acidity.